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1.        This country is probably best known for its ancient history. Its main river, the Nile, was the lifeblood[C1]  of one of the world’s cradles [C2] of civilization. Its art and culture was a great influence on ancient Europe, and many of its most impressive monuments are still standing after thousands of years. What country is this? Egypt.


2.       2. The Cape of Good Hope juts [C3] from this country, a landmark that has shown captains for centuries that they were “turning the corner” in sailing around Africa. What gold and diamond rich nation is this? South Africa.


3.       This country is one of very few in Africa to have never been a colony, but it was occupied by Italy for a few years before and during World War II. What is this ancient nation, whose capital is Addis Ababa? Ethiopia.


4.       This country, whose capital is Nairobi, has been dominated by the Kikuyu people for much of its history, which has led to political tension. Historically, however, it has been one of the most stable nations in Africa, and has been a popular tourist and safari destination since its days as a British colony. What country, named for its tallest mountain, is this? Kenya.


5.       This country, which takes its name from one of Africa‘s great rivers, was first a personal colony of the cruel Belgian King Leopold II. Today, following several name changes, it is one of the largest nations in Africa. What is this country, whose capital is Kinshasa? Democratic Republic of the Congo.


6.       The most populous country in Africa also takes its name from a great river. Its capital city is Abuja, and it is the birthplace of basketball great Hakeem Olajuwon[C4] . What economically-developing nation is this? Nigeria.


7.       This country in West Africa was founded as a settlement for freed African slaves from the United States, and has been independent since 1847. What African nation is this whose capital city of Monrovia is named for US President James Monroe? Liberia.


8.       This country is a group of islands, the largest of which is the fourth-largest island in the world. It is known for its unique plant and animal life, as shown in a 2005 movie named after the nation itself. What is this island country off Africa‘s eastern coast? Madagascar.


9.       The second largest country in Africa, whose capital is Algiers, this nation on the continent’s northern coast is the birthplace of several literary giants, including Albert Camus, and Jacques Derrida, all of whom wrote in French. What land is this? Algeria.


10.     One of the last large African countries to gain independence from a European government, this nation, whose capital is Luanda, officially broke with Portugal in 1975. This was followed by 27 years of civil war which left the country saturated with minefields. What nation is this that continues to face many challenges in the present day? Angola






 [C1]the thing that keeps sth strong and healthy and is necessary for successful development. El alma..

 [C2]the place where sth important began. La cuna.

 [C3]to stick out further than the surrounding surface, objects, etc.; to make sth stick out. To protrude. Sobresalir.

 [C4]a retired Nigerian American professional basketball player in the National Basketball Association(NBA). Olajuwon played center for the Houston Rockets, whom he led to back-to-back championships in 1994 and 1995, and the Toronto Raptors.






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