Posted by: crisdiaz24 | October 5, 2008





  1. Where is Cape Town situated?


  1. What can Cape Town claim to have?


  1. Why is Llandudno worth the trip?






  1. How far is Robben Island?


  1. How long did Nelson Mandela spend in prison?


  1. Where did prisoners sleep in the beginning?


  1. How did the prisoners use to spend their time?


  1. What is Lionel David’s occupation today? How does he feel about it?


  1. How can you get to the top of Table Mountain?


  1. What has happened with the abolition of Apartheid?


  1. What is De Waterkant the centre of?


  1.  When does De Waterkant date back to?


  1. Why is the room called a crash pad?


  1. What are the sangomas?


  1. Why did the woman kneeling come to the sangoma?



Crash pad: A thick mat used to soften landings or to cover hazardous objects in the event of a fall.

Pad (slang) = casa; apartamento; piso.


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