Posted by: crisdiaz24 | October 12, 2008





Choose the most appropriate words underlined.


a.      Jack is / is going to be sixty-five next month so he retires / will be retiring.

b.     Quick, here comes a police car! What will we say / are we going to say about the broken window.

c.      I have to be back at 3.30 so I ‘m leaving / leave before lunch.

d.      What do you think you’ll be doing / you’ll do in five years’ time?

e.      Come on, hurry up, or we’ll miss / we’ll have missed the plane!

f.      By the time I am forty, I’ll be travelling / I’ll have travelled round the world.

g.      In ten days’ time, I’ll be relaxing / I’ll have relaxed at my parents’.

h.      “There’s someone at the door”

“That‘ll be / is being the postman.

i.        By the time you get back John will be leaving / will have left.

j.       I am going / will go to the cinema on Saturday. I have already bought the tickets.

k.      By the end of the week we’ll have decided / are deciding what to do.

l.        It’s very hot in here. I think I am fainting /will faint.

m.     It’s no use phoning Bob at the office, he will be leaving / will have left.

n.      Everyone says that this year Manchester United is winning / is going to win the Cup.

o.      According to the latest news report, the tunnel will be finished / will have been finished next year.

p.      Can you send me the results as soon as you hear / will hear anything?

q.      Don’t worry about the mistake you made, nobody will notice / will be noticing.

r.      By this time next year, the government will have resigned / will be resigning.

s.       “Which one would you like?”

“I’ll take / am taking this one.”

t.       Look at that tree! It is going to fall / will fall.

u.      If you come at 10 tomorrow, I’ll be painting /am going to paint the bedroom. I’d like to start at 8.

v.      By the end of the month, I’’ ll have been working / will be working for this firm for a year.

w.     When we  will get / get there, we’ll have dinner.


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