Posted by: crisdiaz24 | October 15, 2008




  1. What do parents think about grandparents?



  1. What about society in general?




  1. What can grandparents provide their grandchildren?






  1. Why do Claude and Carla feel lucky?



  1. What do Solange and Marcel like to share with their grandchildren?



  1. What do Ann and Bruno’s grandchildren like listening to?



  1. What do seniors offer us?



  1. According to Ben Schlesinger, in what ways have grandparents changed in relation with his generation’s grandparents?



  1. In what ways is being a grandparent different from being a parent?



  1. What kind of things do parents reproach their own parents for nowadays?



  1. How does Claude feel about it?



  1. What are parents like nowadays? What were grandparents like when they had their own children?



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