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The following Halloween 1. __________card once filled mail 2. __________.Today, it is a collector’s prize.

“Owls a-hooting in the tree, pumpkins making faces mean, and lots of things that you can’t see tell us that it’s Hallowe’en.”

In the first decades of the twentieth century, postcards did, too. Rhymes like this one, accompanying cheery printed images of solemn owls or red-cheeked apple bobbers, arrived everyday. The apostrophe has now 3. __________ (the holiday was once All Hallows’ Eve, or “even,” abbreviated to “e’en”), but our fondness for the postcards – sweetly innocent 4. __________ of a pre-email era – is still going strong. In fact, Halloween penny postcards have become 5. __________ sought after. But you definitely won’t find them for pennies.

This is not just because they’re wonderfully illustrated. Nor is it simply because they have superb colour lithography. No, Halloween cards are especially 6. __________ because, though once as popular as Christmas cards, they are now quite 7. __________ . And that makes them desirable. Collector competition is 8. __________ .Some want witch cards only; others want 9. _________of the intriguing myth that if, on Halloween night, a girl holds a lighted candle and stands before a mirror, she will 10. __________the reflection of her beloved-to-be.



1.     a. calling                  b. greeting             c. congratulation       d. wishful


2.    a. booths                  b. boxes                 c. cubby-holes          d. sheds


3.    a. faded                   b. passed out          c. disappeared          d. vanished


4.    a. remnants               b. remains              c. leftovers              d. rags


5.    a. increasingly          b. decreasingly       c. less and less          d. growingly


6.    a. collectible            b. hoarded             c. accumulated          d. amassed


7.    a. customary             b. pre-eminent        c. rare                     d. odd


8.    a. fierce                   b. loyal                  c. fair                      d. healthy


9.    a. depictions             b. portraits            c. profiles                d. photofits


10.   a. glimpse                 b. stare                 c. glare                    d. peer


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