Posted by: crisdiaz24 | November 8, 2008







1.      Why does Adam Hart-Davis use his folding bike?






2.      What does 98% of the effort exerted on the pedals go into?



3.      What do bikes run on?



4.      What can you learn at the National Cycle Museum at Llandridod Wells?



5.      The 1818 bike was called a hobby- __________?



6.      What is this bike like?



7.      What is special about the Macmillan bike?



8.      How many bicycles can you see at the museum?



9.      What is the penny-farthing bike called in the United States?



10.  What is the point of the penny-farthing big wheel?



11.  When did the bicycle industry start to bloom?



12.  How do you stop the bike Hart-Davis is riding in the documentary?



13.  Why was riding this bike liberating for women?



14.    What kinds of bikes can you find at the National Cycle Museum?



15.  Why is it a pity that more people do not ride bicycles?



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