Posted by: a2cristina | November 13, 2008


“England expects that every man will do his duty”


1. Who was Horatio Nelson?

2. Why was he significant in history?

3. Where did he lose his right arm, having it amputated?

4. Where can you see Nelson’s ship? What is her name?

5. When did he die? What was the name of the battle he died at?

6. What is special about the way his body was taken back to England?

7. Where is Nelson buried?

8. Nelson’s memory lives on in numerous monuments, the most notable of which isLondon‘s Nelson’s Column, which stands in the centre of _______________________.

1. was a British admiral  famous for his service in the Royal Navy,  particularly during the napoleonic Wars.
2. He defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Trafalgar.
3. In the Canary Islands, at Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
4. At Portsmouth. Victory.
5. 21 October 1805, at Cape Trafalgar.
6. He wasNelson’s body was placed in a cask of  brandy mixed with  camphor and myrrh.
7. at St Paul’s Cathedral, London.
8. Trafalgar Square, London.

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