Posted by: crisdiaz24 | November 13, 2008




One of London’s __________ famous statues can be found in Trafalgar Square, named in honour of Admiral Nelson’s naval victory __________ France at the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. As __________ as a five-metre statue of the Admiral at the top of the imposing Nelson’s Column, the square __________ contains four large pedestals, or plinths, two with sculptures of 19th century military generals, and __________ supporting a statue of King George IV. An equestrian statue was planned for the fourth plinth in 1841, but the city ran __________ of money and it remained empty for 160-__________ years.

Then, in 2005, it was occupied by a controversial sculpture of a naked, disabled and pregnant woman. Entitled Alison Lapper Pregnant, it depicted a disabled artist __________ she gave birth to her son. Whilst many criticised the statue __________ unsuitable for such a famous public space, others welcomed it __________ a celebration of human diversity which challenged people’’ views of disability. As with its successors, the sculpture was only ever intended to occupy the plinth __________ a brief period, and it was replaced in 2007.



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