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The world’s rainforests represent a vast reservoir of _______________ (KNOW) and hold potential for the _______________ (DISCOVER) of new medicines and foods. There is no doubt that large-scale _______________ (FOREST) alters the climate – intensifying droughts in the dry seasons and floods in the rainy season. The result is fewer animal and plant species, soil _______________ (ERODE), a water supply which is _______________ (RELY) and poorer health for the local people.

By joining Rainforest Concern and sponsoring acres of _______________ (THREAT) rainforest for the Choco-Andean Rainforest Corridor in Equator, you will be protecting one of the world’s most important _______________ (ECOLOGY) areas. Within these forests live an _______________ (AMAZE) high number of seriously _______________ (DANGER) species of animals, birds and plants. You will also be helping to secure the _______________ (SURVIVE)  and culture of the Awa and Capayas indigenous people who still live in harmony with their natural environment.

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