Posted by: crisdiaz24 | December 2, 2008


Correct the following sentences using the true answer in brackets. Use cleft sentences beginning with:

It is…

It was…

For example:

Columbus discovered America in 1492.

It was Columbus that discovered America in 1492.

It was America that Columbus discovered in 1492.

It was in 1492 that Columbus discovered America.




  • Stephen King wrote Lord of the Rings. (Tolkien)
  • Röntgen discovered Penicillin. (x-rays)
  • Bruce Springsteen sang “Rehab”. (Amy Winehouse)
  • Albéniz composed El Amor Brujo. (Manuel de Falla)
  • Felipe González has just split up with Ana Botella. (Carmen Romero)
  • Khaked Hosseini has written The Boy in the striped Pyjamas. (John Boyne)
  • “From Russia with Love” is the lalest James Bond film. (Quantum of Solace)
  • Javier Bardem won the Oscar for “Burn after reading”. (No Country for Old Men)
  • Tony Blair is Britain’s Prime Minister. (Gordon Brown)
  • Anastacia sings Friends will be Friends. (Queen)
  • Madonna has divorced Brad Pitt. (Guy Ritchie)
  • Velázquez painted La Maja Desnuda. (Goya)
  • President Kennedy was assassinated in a theatre. (President Lincoln)
  • Bartolomé Díaz conquered Mexico. (Hernán Cortés)
  • Hugo Laurie plays a role in Gray’s Anatomy. (House)
  • Churchill defeated Napoleon at Trafalgar. (Admiral Nelson)
  • J.K.Rowling has written Twilight. (Stephenie Meyer)
  • Angela Merkel offered Zapatero a seat at the Washington summit. (Sarkozy)
  • Prince Charles has just celebrated his 80th birthday. (60th)
  •  You can visit the British Museum in Manchester. (London)
  •  Obama has beaten George Bush in the presidential elections. (John McCain)
  • Tom Cruise is married to Cate Blanchett. (Katie Holmes)
  • David Beckham will join Manchester United on loan in January. (Milan)
  • Nicole Kidman was born in New Zealand. (Australia)
  • Ravel composed the opera Carmen. (Bizet)
  • Silicon Valley can be found in New Mexico. (California)
  • Argentina has won the Davis Cup. (Spain)
  • Emilio Sánchez Vicario may replace Albert Costa as Captain of the Spanish Team. (Albert Costa)
  • Anaemia occurs when the absorption of vitamin B is insufficient. (Iron)
  • George Clooney played in the film Casablanca. (Humprey Bogart)
  • Spanish artist Dali has painted a ceiling at the United Nations in Geneva. (Barceló)
  • Two giant Athena Nike were dynamited and destroyed by the Taliban in 2001. (Two giant Buddhas)
  •  Chávez has assumed the duties of President of the Council of State in Cuba. (Raúl Castro)
  •  Lorenzo Silva has won the Premio Nacional de las Letras 2008. (Juan Goytisolo)
  • Alfred Nobel invented the Atomic Bomb. (dynamite)
  • El Greco was born in Toledo. (Crete)
  • Miguel Boyer was elected President of the Spanish Parliament in 2004. (José Bono)
  • Dan Brown has written The Pillars of the earth. (Ken Follet).
  • You can visit Alcatraz Prison in Boston. (San Francisco)
  •  Admunsen was the first man to climb Mount Everest. (Edmund Hillary)

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