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1.            This large island, off the southeastern coast of Africa, is the fourth largest in the world, and is home to 5% of the world’sl plant and animal species, among them lemurs.

2.            The island of New Guinea is part of the geographic group of Pacific islands known as Melanesia. True or false?

3.            What island group is situated in the North Atlantic northeast of Scotland?

a.            Shetland             b. Azores            c. Galapagos      d. Seychelles

4.            Which is the largest island in the Mediterranean?

5.            This entire island has been declared a historic monument by the government of Chile.

a.            FaLklands            b. Easter Island c. Galapagos      d. Java

6.            What great national leader was born on the island of Corsica?

7.            This is a Caribbean island which is composed by two independent nations. One is the only independent French speaking country in the Caribbean.

8.            A South American island, famed by its fires, shared by Chile and Argentina.

9.            This island is a former British colony in the Mediterranean. It is now split between Greeks and Turks.

a.            Rhodes                b. Crete               c. Cyprus             d. Malta

10.          An American military base has controlled one of its important natural harbors since 1902. It is the largest island in the Caribbean.

11.          An English-speaking group of islands whose name comes from the Spanish “bajamar”.

12.          An Australian island situated 240 kilometres south of the eastern side of the continent.

13.          An American state located in the Pacific Ocean, whose capital is Honolulu.

14.          The largest borough of the City of New York, it is a major commercial, financial, and cultural center of the United States


1. Madagascar

2. false

3. Shetland

4. Sicily

5. Easter Island

6. Napoleon Bonaparte

7. Haiti

8. Tierra de Fuego

9. Cyprus

10. Cuba

11. Bahamas

12. Tasmania

13. Hawaii

14. Manhattan


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