Posted by: crisdiaz24 | December 3, 2008


1. What can a city’s fleet of buses include?

2. What is the main feature of low-floor buses?

3. What pressure is applied on the steel?

4. What is done once the roof structure and side structures are assembled?

5. What gives workers easy access to the part of the bus they need to weld?

6. Why is stainless steel used?

7. What does less rusting imply?

8. What is applied to the floor structure?

9. Why do they turn the bus upside down?

10. Where is the engine placed?

11. What do workers use to prevent corrosion?

12. What do buses without air-conditioning have?

13. Why are the seats made the way they are?

14. What kind of test does the bus undergo by the end of the process?


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