Posted by: crisdiaz24 | December 11, 2008

ARSENIC AND OLD LACE (Reported speech)

From minute 2.47 to 7.40 approximately.



1.            Cary Grant said to the old ladies that he __________  (be) frightfully sorry but that he __________ (have) an awful shock for them.

2.            He told them that Teddy __________ (kill) a man.

3.            He said that there __________ (be) a body in the window seat.

4.            They replied that they __________ (know) but that it __________ (have) nothing to do with Teddy.

5.            They told him __________ ( forget) about it, __________ (forget)  he __________  (ever / see) the gentleman.

6.            They added that they __________ (never / dream) he would peek.

7.            Cary Grant asked who the gentleman __________ ( be).

8.            They answered that he __________ (be) Mr Hoskins, Adam Hoskins.

9.            They added that that __________ (be) all they __________ (know) about him, except that he __________ (be) a Methodist.

10.          Cary Grant asked them what _______________ (he / do) there.

11.          They said that he __________ (die).

12.          Cary Grant replied that men __________ (not / just / get) into window seats and __________ (die).

13.          The old lady said that he __________ (die) first.

14.          Cary Grant told them __________ (wait) a minute.

15.          He asked them how  __________ (he / die).

16.          The old lady told him __________ (not / be) so inquisitive.

17.          She said that the gentleman __________ (die) because he __________ (drink) some wine with poison in it.

18.          Cary Grant asked them how __________ (the poison / get) in the wine.

19.          He asked them _____ ___________ (they / put) it in the wine.

20.          She answered affirmatively and added that she __________ (put) Mr Hoskins in the window seat because Reverend Harper __________ (come).

21.          He said that then they ________ (know) what they __________ (do) and they __________ (not / want) Reverend Harper to see the body.

22.          They told him that not at tea. It wouldn’t have been very nice.

23.          They said that now he __________ (know) all about it.

24.          They told him __________ (forget) about it.

25.          The old lady added that she __________ (think) that Martha and she __________ (have) a right to their little secrets.


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