Posted by: crisdiaz24 | December 11, 2008


From minute 4.05 to 6.11


 Complete the blanks with the correct form of the following verbs:

 Recommend, accuse, point out(2), acknowledge, advise, admit , inform, order, deny(2), explain, comment, permit, swear,


1.            Will _______________ Jack that he had been raised by his mother alone.

 2.            Will _______________ being a simpleton.

 3.            Jack _______________  knowing Will’s father.

 4.            William Turner _______________  him to call him by his own name.

 5.            Jack _______________  that Bill looked just like his father.

 6.            Will _______________ it.

 7.            Jack _______________ that Will put away his sword. He _______________ it was not worth getting beat again.

 8.            Will refused to _______________ the fact that he had been beaten. He _______________ Jack of breaking the rules of engagement.

 9.            Jack _______________ that there was not much incentive, then, for him to fight fair.

 10.          He _______________ Will to pay attention.

 11.          He _______________ that the only rules that mattered were what a man could or couldn’t do.

 12.          He _______________ Will to accept that his father had been a pirate.

 13.          He _______________ that  he could let Will drown, but then wouldn’t be able to take the ship to Tortuga on his own.


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