Posted by: a2cristina | December 15, 2008

key test 3

Straightforward Advanced Unit Test 3

Answer key





1 fritter  

2 squander  

3 pick up  

4 lavishly  

5 chuck  

6 piles  

7 overdrawn  

8 overspend  

9 run up  

10 pay off



11 skips  

12 bank  

13 put them out  

14 litter  

15 scraps  

16 throw away



17 stressful  

18 representative  

19 homeless  

20 unimaginable  

21 substantial  

22 persuasive





23 (a)  

24 (b)  

25 (a)  

26 (b)  

27 (a)



28 I do agree with you.

29 I did tell you, but I guess you can’t remember.

30 Do try and pay attention.

31 I’m not sure what you said, but it did have an effect on him.

32 The amount she can eat really does surprise people.





33 It was shocking how much it cost.

34 The thing that surprises people when they first meet Sonya is how small she is.

35 What amazed me was (just) how much she could eat in one go.

36 One thing that always amazes me is how much skinny people can eat.

37 What they decided to do was charge for every plastic bag people used.

38 It was in 2003 that she first tried competitive eating.

(2 points for each sentence)



Speech feature


39 How kind you are.  

40 Two hours it took me.  

41 What a fantastic person you are.  

42 Shocked as I was I tried to carry on as normal.  

43 Enclosed is a cheque for £50.  

44 When we’ll finish I have no idea.



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