Posted by: a2cristina | January 4, 2009

Up Neil, Up Sue


1. in a Liverpool suburb.

2. After the first term.

3. He was working on a building site.

4. He was homeles, wandering along the coast of Scotland.

5. In a council estate, on the Shetland Islands.

6. He would be wandering homeless around the streets of London.

7. London.

8. Yes, he did.


1. They wanted to marry Geoffrey.

2. You miss the crucial stage of being yourself. You are not a single being.

3. By the time she was 35. Nothing in particular, but she knew it wasn’t working. She didn’t feel quite right.

4. At 42.

5. She had already got married and she didn’t feel the need.

6. She wanted to have a child.

7. She was in her 40s when she met him and you don’t have a child at the beginning of a relationship, the timing was off.

8. Her dog.

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