Posted by: a2cristina | January 7, 2009

An Interview with Gwyneth Platrow (Key)

1. To see her mother dress up in costumes and become empowered by her roles.
2. Thew were surrounded by creative people, people singing around the piano. It was a magical way to be a grown-up.
3. She told him she would be topless, but he shouldn’t be upset.
4. They behaved as if she were one of them, made much dirtier jokes, burped in front of her.
5. She had to learn to walk like a man.
6. 26.
7. She changed from being the underdog to people being very supportive of her.
8. Some people resented her.
9. Her grandfather was dying and her father had just been diagnosed with cancer.
10. She realised life was precious and she must make more out of it, she had to slow down her working pace, scale her life back and make more out of it.

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