Posted by: a2cristina | January 25, 2009




1. What did the headmaster of his school predict?

He would either go to prison or become a multi-millionaire

2. What was his first business at nine years old?

He planted some Christmas trees on some spare land his parents had. He hoped they would grow so he could sell them.

3. Why wasn’t it successful?

The rabbits ate them all.

4. Why did he decide to start the student’s magazine?

To give young people a voice, to campaign on issues they felt strongly about.

5. How did his record company begin?

Mike Oldfield came to him with a tape of music he liked, and he built the company around him.

6. What was the idea of the music company?

To be able to put out music they liked.

7. What is the difference between Virgin and a giant corporation?

Each of the Virgin companies is relatively small, the people running them have a stake in the company, it’s a global, way-of-life brand.

8. Why is he so proud of the Airline, Virgin Atlantic?

They started it with one plane and they were up against some big airlines. They created the best airline flying across the Atlantic.

9. What does he like to do with his money?

To put it to good use, either by creating new jobs or investing it in his charity.

10. Why does he consider himself so lucky?

He’s been picked out of the sea 6 times by helicopter on his various adventures, mostly in balloons.


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