Posted by: a2cristina | January 25, 2009




1. I am right, AREN’T I?

2. You have to go, DON’T YOU?

3. Nice day, ISN’T IT?

4. You think you are funny, DON’T YOU?

5. Close the door, WILL YOU?

6. I have been answering, HAVEN’T I?

7. Nothing came in the post, DID IT?

8. Let’s go, SHALL WE?

9. Keeping well, AREN’T YOU?

10. He’d better do it, HADN’T YOU?

11. Do it now, WILL YOU?

12. Nobody knows, DO THEY?

13. Take a seat, WILL YOU?

14. That’s the postman, ISN’T IT?

15. Nothing can happen, CAN IT?

16. Your mother at home, ISN’T SHE?

17. Don’t forget, WILL YOU?

18. Nobody phoned, DID THEY?

19. Awful weather, ISN’T IT?

20. Not a very good film, WAS IT / IS IT?

21. Somebody wanted to borrow Jack’s bike, DIDN’T THEY?

22. I’m late, AREN’T I?

23. There weren’t any problems when you talked to Jack, WERE THERE?

24. It’s no good, IS IT?

25. Don’t stay there too long, WILL YOU?

26. Nobody at home, IS THERE?

27. Somebody wanted a drink, DIDN’T THEY?

28. Do take care, WILL YOU?

29. Let’s have buttered scones with strawberry jam for tea, SHALL WE?

30. You never say what you are thinking, DO YOU?

31. I thought Sue looked stunning in her wedding dress, DIDN’T SHE?

32. There’s little we can do about it, IS THERE?

33. Something happened at Jack’s house, DIDN’T IT?

34. Let’s go out for a walk, SHALL WE?

35. Don’t smoke in this room, WILL YOU?

36. I am the winner, AREN’T I?

37. After all this time, you’d think he would have forgotten, WOULDN’T YOU?

38. No one cheated in the exam, DID THEY?

39. He has a bicycle, DOESN’T HE?

40. That hardly counts, DOES IT?

41. Nobody had bothered to plant new ones, HAD THEY?

42. Come into the kitchen, WILL YOU?

43. None of the bottles are broken, ARE THEY?

44. You’d better change your wet shoes, HADN’T YOU?

45. Your father’d rather go by plane, WOULDN’T HE?

46. Everyone warned you, DIDN’T THEY?

47. I don’t suppose anyone will volunteer, WILL THEY?

48. Don’t be long, WILL YOU?

49. Everyone’s ready to leave now, AREN’T THEY?

50. Let’s forget about it, SHALL WE?

51. Don’t tell Howard, WILL YOU?

52. Nothing was said, WAS IT?

53. You have tea at 6, DON’T YOU?

54. Look at that, WILL YOU?

55. Nobody’s been told, HAVE THEY?

56. You seldom work on Saturdays, DO YOU?

57. There’ll be a rail strike tomorrow, WON’T THERE?

58. Someone’s got to do the job, HAVEN’T THEY?

59. We ought to be more careful, OUGHTN’T YOU?

60. Be careful, WILL YOU?

61. Nothing could be done about it, COULD IT?

62. None of your friends liked the film, DID THEY?

63. Peter hardly ever goes to parties, DOES HE?

64. You’d better start studying for your exams, HADN’T YOU?

65. He knows little about psychology, DOES HE?

66. I am late, AREN’T I?

67. No one gave her secret away, DID THEY?

68. Mary rarely goes out at night, DOES SHE?

69. Don’t make your bed yet, WILL YOU?

70. Nobody ever came and saw her, DID THEY?

71. He hardly ever uses a computer, DOES HE?

72. Let’s call it a day, SHALL WE?



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