Posted by: a2cristina | January 29, 2009


No pain, no gain?

It’s January 1st. You’re on the bathroom scales, groaning. If you HAD NOT EATEN (1) (not / eat) that last piece of Christmas pud, perhaps you wouldn’t have put on that extra kilo. Never mind, you can lose it and get fit at the gym!

Or is that the right thing to do? If you’re unfit, you (2) STAND / WILL STAND (stand) a huge chance of injuring yourself in the gym or on the squash court. You must take care before launching yourself into a vigorous exercise routine: if you don’t treat your body with respect, it (3) WILL NOT FUNCTION (not/function) as you want it to. The knee, in particular, can cause untold problems. We (4) WOULDN’T HAVE (not/have) problems with our knees if we (5) WERE STILL WALKING ( walk) on all fours, but they’re not up to a vertical pounding on the treadmill for an hour a day. All of our joints can cause problems; if you (6) WANT (want) to play football safely, make sure you wear the right boots to protect your ankles. Decent coaching (7) IS (be) essential if you’re going to take up a racket sport: something as simple as a wrong size grip can cause tennis elbow.

Many sports injuries are caused by insufficient warm ups. If everyone spent a few minutes stretching their muscles before exercising, they (8) WOULD EXPERIENCE (experience) much less pain during exercise itself. But people can be stubborn about pain when exercising. The phrase `no pain, no gain’ is rubbish. Should you feel pain when you’re exercising, you(9) MUST STOP (stop) at once!

Sport has so many other hazards, though. Golf, you would think, is relatively harmless. Not so for Anthony Phua, a Malaysian golfer who was killed by getting in the way of his partner’s swing. Now, if he hadn’t taken up that particular form of exercise in the first place, it (10) WOULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED (not / happen).

What can you do if you (11) DON’T WANT (not/want) to risk sport, but you still want to lose weight? Well, it’s not all bad news for couch potatoes. If you’re happy to lose calories steadily but slowly, just (12) STAY (stay) at home: sleeping burns 60 calories an hour, ironing 132 and cooking 190.

Just don’t eat what you cook!


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