Posted by: crisdiaz24 | January 29, 2009





1. What happened for Bangladesh to become an independent state?

                                                 2. What is the relationship between the following numbers: 140 million and 20?

 3. What threats are constantly hanging over Bangladesh?

4. What is the capital city, Dhaka, like nowadays?

5. How much do most people live on?

 6. What haunted almost every village and every family in 1971?

7. What does poverty entail?

  8. Why did Muhammad Yunus leave Dhaka in the early seventies?

 9. What did not make sense to him?

 10. What was the only way poor people could survive in those days?

 11. What did he discover he could do to help people?

  12. What do micro-credits consist of?

13. Why is giving loans to women no easy task in Bangladesh?

 14. Why is lending money to women more beneficial than giving it to men?


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