Posted by: crisdiaz24 | February 3, 2009



1. What has the research from the University of Michigan found out?

Women add 7 hours of housework to their lives each week, whereas men lose one.

2. What is one of the benefits of the Women’s Movement nowadays, according to Margaret Hoover?

They do a lot less housework than women did in 1968.

3. What is the study like, according to Mark Rudov?

It is a flawed, anti-male, unacademic study, which does not take into account what kind of marriage it is.

4. What is a woman’s job if she isn’t working out of home like her husband, according to Mark Rudov?

To do the housework.

5. What kind of tasks does the study not incorporate?

fixing the shingles on the roof, fixing the car, doing the plumbing, doing electrical work.

6. Why did they do the study?

They did it because they are re-evaluating changing tradictional gender roles in the household.

7. What job(s) did Margaret Hoover say she had done outside the house?

She mowed the lawn.

8. When do the two spouses have to share the household chores?

When both work outside the home.

9. Whose fault is it if a man does not do enough work in the house?

The woman’s.

10. What is the reason for this, according to O’Reilly?

When a woman gets married she marries a lazy slob thinking he would be Mr Belvedere.

Mr Belvedere: an American sitcom  based on the Lynn Aloysius Belvedere character created by Gwen Davenport for her 1947 novel Belvedere. It told the story of an arrogant genius who answers an employment ad for a baby sitter for three bratty kids. He accepts such employment because he is secretly writing a novel about a community filled with gossips and busybodies.


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