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Dear Agony Aunt,

I feel I am overweight, but I’m in the safe range for my age, 13. I’d like to grow a lot more and was wondering if there is a certain food that will not only make me lose weight, but grow. I feel I’m being pressured about my weight and that only makes me eat more. Can you help?

Thank you.


0. LIKE many youth of today, an increasing amount of your time is spent viewing TV & playing computer games and 1. __________ time is spent on being physically active in a game or sport. As a 2. __________, you are slightly overweight and experiencing outside pressure from family, friends and society to not become obese now for fear it will lead to a lifetime of 3. __________ overweight.

These are valid concerns 4. __________ obese children often remain obese throughout life. But in your early teens it is important to understand that you have many growing years ahead of you and your basic nutrient needs are critical in this period of your life to maximize your growth patterns. 5. __________ means that calorie restriction may not be the answer unless you are eating too much candy, sweets or high fat snacks/foods (these are the 6. __________ food restrictions that you need to consider).

Growth requires sound nutrition. Weight loss requires a combination of becoming 7. __________ active and eating less low nutrient foods (french fries, potato chips, ice cream, candy, fatty foods…the list goes on). 8. __________, there is no specific food that can help you lose weight and grow. But the 9. __________ example of a food that is perfect for your situation is oatmeal, suggested as your morning meal with fruit and low-fat milk (most people who do not like oatmeal have not experimented with various texture, thickness and added fruit choices & various other combinations).

In summary, as an early teen that has a little extra weight there is no immediate need 10. __________ concern or stress from worrying about it. Look at the types of foods you are eating and cut 11. __________ on the low nutrient foods. Evaluate how much time is spent 12. __________ the computer or watching TV and compare that to the amount of time spent being physically active. Your TV/Computer time should be no more than half (50%) of your activity time (i.e. 1 hour Active Time; allows up to 30 minutes (or less) TV/Computer Time.

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