Posted by: a2cristina | March 4, 2009


Complete the following text with the right passive tense of the verbs in brackets.



Around the world, hundreds if not thousands of species of animals _____________________ (threaten) with extinction… but the latest scientific developments could mean that one day even extinct animals ____________________ (bring back) to life using DNA technology. The last-known Tasmanian tiger died in a zoo in Hobart, Australia, in 1936. Fifty years later, the species ____________________ (declare) extinct. But in 1999, a research project into DNA cloning ____________________ (set up) at the Australian Museum in Sydney, and now, after three years work, high quality DNA ____________________ (extract) from a baby tiger which ____________________ (preserve) in a jar of alcohol since 1866. According to scientists, there is now a chance of the Tasmanian tiger ____________________ (resurrect) using techniques similar to those which ____________________ (use) to create cloned sheep in the 1990s. If undamaged DNA ____________________ (recover), it could ____________________ (insert) into the empty egg of a related living species, such as a Tasmanian Devil.

However, the technology for the final stage of cloning – where the Tasmanian Tiger’s DNA ____________________ (place) into a Tasmanian Devil host which _____________________ (strip) of its own genetic material – is still ____________________ (develop).

“It’s a very significant breakthrough,” said Professor Michael Archer, Professor of Zoology at the University of New South Wales. “Although there’s still a lot of work ____________________ (do), there’s now a real possibility of Tasmanian tigers ____________________ (release) into the wild within the next decade.”

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