Posted by: a2cristina | March 4, 2009



Complete the following sentences with the passive form of the verbs below.

Treat, hear, meet, make (2), leave, paint, thank, see, prevent, look after, film, return, kill.

1. She doesn’t enjoy _______________ like that.

2. All employees _______________ to work hard.

3. Young Michael looks upset _______________ on his own.

4. That picture might _______________ by Dalí.

5. Tourists often expect _______________ like children.

6. Library books must _______________ within 14 days.

7. Accidents can _______________ by following the safety advice.

8. Someone in the audience _______________ to call the speaker a liar.

9. We have arranged _______________ at the station by a taxi.

10. We _______________ to wait in a queue for over two hours.

11. Most of us are pleased _______________ when we help someone.

12. If we had crossed the road a moment later, we might _______________ by that car.

13. The thieves managed to avoid _______________ by the security cameras.

14. An angry player _______________ to make a rude gesture to the crowd.


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