Posted by: a2cristina | April 1, 2009



Detectives making routine _______________ (enquire) into a completely unrelated matter were astonished at what they found in the house of an 80-year-old lady. Every room was stacked high with _______________ (steal) goods which, over a period of twenty years she had taken from department stores. A police _______________ (speak) said: “No one suspected such a sweet old lady. She looks very _______________ (respect) but she must have carried out several _______________ (thief) every day. We found over 8,000 different items, so she was a pretty successful _______________ (shoplift).” He added that, taking into _______________ (consider) the lady’s age, they had decided not to press charges but to let her off with a _______________ (warn). The items would be given to charities.

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