Posted by: a2cristina | April 1, 2009


Genealogy, the history of a family from the past to the present, is one of the most popular subjects__________ the Internet. Although genealogy has always been conducted professionally __________ serious legal and financial reasons, __________ a hobby it began to take off in the 1990s when people started to use the Internet to share information.

__________ embarking on genealogy __________ a hobby, though, you are advised to decide on what it is you want to find out about your family and what you will do with the information. __________ go from what you __________ know and work backwards. You should undertake to find out the basic facts about as many relatives as __________ : their date and place of birth, marriage, death and burial. You are encouraged to look through photo albums and talk to relatives and their friends, __________ a breakthrough often hangs on a single conversation. It’s important that you remember to write everything down, __________ a note of where the information came from, for some of the clues __________ not be obvious at first sight.

After that, you __________ visit a local records office or reference library to look for useful documents, __________ wills and tax records. You might __________ want to join a Family History Society and share information with others. From then __________ , it’s time to make good use of the computer, __________ the Internet or the vast number of family histories stored on a CD-ROM.

Genealogy can be a frustrating hobby, full of dead ends and misleading trails, but, __________ no amount of software is a substitute for patience and an enquiring mind, with the Internet it has never been easier to pursue.


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