Posted by: a2cristina | May 19, 2009



It is easy to be rude on the Continent. You (1) _____________________ shout and call people names of a zoological character.

(2) ________________________ a slightly higher level you may invent a few stories (3)________________________ your opponents. In Budapest, for instance, when a rather unpleasant-looking actress joined a nudist club, her younger and prettier colleagues spread the story that she had been accepted (4) ______________________ under the condition that she (5) _____________________ wear a fig-leaf on her face. Or in the same city there was a painter of limited abilities who was a most successful card-player. A colleague (6) _____________________ his remarked once: “What a waste! All the money he makes on industrious gambling at night, he spends on his painting during the day.”

In England rudeness has (7) ___________________ a different technique. If somebody tells you an obviously untrue story, on the Continent you (8) _____________________ remark “You are a liar, Sir, and a very dirty (9) ____________________ at that.” In England you just say: “Oh, is that so?” Or “That’s (10) ______________________ an unusual story, isn’t it?”


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