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Single-handed: on your own with nobody helping you.

Fêted: admired, honoured and entertained.

Runners-up: a person or team that does not finish first in a competition or race, but that wins a prize.

To reverse roles: to exchange the positions or roles of two things.

Barely: just; certainly not more than (a particular amount, age, time, etc.).

To sum up: summarise.

Mood: the way a group of people feel about sthg; the atmosphere in a place or among a group of people.

Headline: the title of a newspaper article printed in large letters, especially at the top of the front page.

Achiever: a person who achieves a high level of success, especially in their career.

Unpromising: not likely to be successful or show good results. Poco prometedor.

Landlocked: surrounded by land. Sin salida al mar, sin litoral.

Merchant seaman: a member of the merchant navy or a sailor on a ship below the rank of an officer.

Tenuous: weak, easily proved false.

To spark off: to cause sthg to start, especially suddenly. Desencadenar, despertar.

Lifelong: lasting or existing all through your life.

Dinghy: a small open boat that you sail or row. Bote, velero.

To set your sights on sthg / on doing sthg: to decide that you want sthg and to try very hard to get it

To undertake: to make yourself responsible for sthg and start doing it.

Voyage: a long journey, especially by sea or in space.

Feat: an action or a piece of work that needs skill, strength or courage. Hazaña, proeza.

To request: to ask for sthg formally and politely.

In terms of: used when you are referring to a particular aspect of sthg. En cuanto a, desde el punto de vista de.

Thoroughness: meticulousness. meticulosidad, esmero.

To lead up to: to be an introduction to or the cause of sthg.

Helm: a handle or wheel used for steering a boat or ship. Timón.

Fleet: a group of ships fishing together.

To negotiate: to successfully get over or past a difficult part on a path or route. Sortear, salvar, superar.

Gale-force winds:  extremely strong winds.

To endure: to experience and deal with sthg that is painful or unpleasant, especially without complaining. Soportar, aguantar.

Blistering: extremely hot in a way that is uncomfortable. Abrasador.

Doldrums: a lack of activity or improvement.

Bursts: a short period of a particular activity or strong emotion that often starts suddenly.

Sore: a painful, often red, place on your body where there is a wound or an infection. Llaga.

Desalinator: device for removing salt from sea water.

To cheer: to shout loudly, to show support or praise for sby, or to give them encouragement.

To step off: to lift your foot and move it off a particular direction; to move a short distance. Bajarse, apearse.

Composed: calm and in control of your feelings. Sereno, tranquilo.

To take sthg in stride: to accept and deal with sthg difficult without letting it worry you too much. Tomarse algo con calma.

To fulfil: to do or achieve what was hoped for or expected.

Sole: only.

Savour: to enjoy the full taste or flavour of sthg, especially by eating or drinking it slowly.

To assert: to state clearly and firmly that sthg is true. Afirmar.

Deep down: if you know sthg deep down, you know your true feelings about sthg, although you may not admit them to yourself.

Mast: a tall pole on a boat or ship that supports the sails.

Encore: an extra short performance given at the end of a concert or other performance; a request for this made by an audience calling out.

Endurance: the ability to continue doing sthg painful or difficult for a long period of time without complaining. Resistencia, aguante, fortaleza, entereza.

Reluctance: renuencia, a regañadientes. Reluctant: hesitating before doing sth because you do not want to do it or because you are not sure that it is the right thing to do.


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