Posted by: a2cristina | October 8, 2009




1. What film / book / song can you think of that was an overnight success?

2. Do you know anyone who has a burning ambition to travel somewhere? Do you?

3. In your opinion, what can we do to increase or improve student motivation?

4. What may be the causes for students’ poor motivation?

5. Have you ever done anything that was met with complete failure?

6. Are you an ambitious person? What are your ambitions? What ambitions have you already fulfilled?

7. Can you define what “success” is? What qualities do we need to achieve success?

8. Have you ever taken up a difficult challenge?

9. Have you ever undergone anything that resulted in failure? Do you think fear of failure should deter you from trying again?

10. What political / economic / sports projects have recently ended in total failure?

11. What daunting challenges is the government facing these days?

12. Have you ever secretly harboured a lifelong ambition? Can you tell your partner about it?

(TO HARBOUR: to have in mind a thought or feeling, usually over a long period. Albergar)

13. What political or economic initiatives can be described as dismal failures?

14. What film / book / song / scientific experiment / sporting event / etc. achieved a resounding success?


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