Posted by: crisdiaz24 | October 10, 2009

Key to Shackelton video

1. 497 days.

2. By placing an ad in a newspaper.

3. a. 5,000 men applied.

b. 27 were chosen.

c. there were sailors and scientists.

4. The expedition aimed to cross the Antarctic Ocean for the first time.

5. That some day he would go to the region of ice and snow and go on and on till he came to one of the Poles of the earth.

6. A knighthood.

7. as a mere adventurer.

8. August 1914. Her name was Endurance.

9. War had broken out.

10. By endurance we conquer.

11. To follow the example of the Norwegians, who had claimed the Pole three years earlier.

12. To chart its unknown regions.

13. He was born in Ireland, married the daughter of a well-off English lawyer, was a neglectful husband and an absent father.

14. For greatness, for reputation (fame and fortune).


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