Posted by: crisdiaz24 | October 18, 2009




1. Can you mention some of the latest publications that have been out in the last two months?

2. What kind of light refreshments have you ever had at the cafeteria downstairs?

3. Have there been any instances where the Spanish Trade Unions have expressed their disapproval lately?

4. Do you know what are the standard evacuation procedures to be followed in case of a fire?

5. Has anything you have ever done paled into insignificance when compared with something your brother / sister / friend did?

6. In your opinion, is simplicity one of the characteristics of the latest mobile phones / photo cameras / TDT TV / DVD players?

7. What kind of people can be officially sworn to secrecy? Have you ever been sworn to secrecy?

8. What is the cost of membership if you wanted to enter the Tennis Club in Santander?

9. On what occasions are customers required to pay for breakages?

10. Do you think there is every likelihood that prices will rise / taxes will be raised / the government will increase the standard VAT rates?

11. Do you know anyone who values their independence so much that they will never get married?

12. On what occasions do you experience a certain amount of anxiety?


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