Posted by: crisdiaz24 | October 19, 2009



1. Is it necessary for parents to set strict boundaries?

2. What is a reward?

3. When would you reward your son or your daughter?

4. How would you reward them if they were…

  • Three years old?
  • Ten years old?
  • Thirteen years old?
  • Seventeen years old?

5. Do we sometimes confuse reward with bribe? Can you give any examples of students who are bribed to do well at school?

6. Imagine a child who is slow to get ready for school, or a child who is always rude, who is constantly fighting. Do you think rewards can help parents with these behavior problems? If so, what kind of rewards would you give them?

7. Do you think that children also have to do their duty without expecting to be rewarded? What is a child’s duty?

8. Do you think too many rewards can spoil a child? Where is the limit?

9. Must all rewards be material rewards? Is there any other kind of rewards?

10. Must we reward children every time they behave well? When are rewards the most effective?

11. Were you ever offered rewards as a child or as a teenager? If so, do you remember what rewards you earned? Did you deserve them? What were you rewarded for?

12. Were you ever given a reward at school? If so, what did it consist of?


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