Posted by: a2cristina | October 27, 2009



1. Do you know anyone who has changed their name?

2. Do you know any politicians who have changed sides?

3. What do you think about people who change their tune depending on who they are talking to?

4. Has the pace of social change accelerated in the twentieth century?

What changes occurred more rapidly at the end of the century than they did at the beginning?

5. What dramatic changes has IT brought us?

6. What far-reaching changes have we recently witnessed in the world’s opinion towards the environment?

7. Talk about…

  • something you try to vary in your life.
  • how easily you adapt to change.
  • a time when you had to modify your views, behaviour or language.
  • the problems someone might encounter when converting to a different religion.
  • something which has changed significantly in Santander or the town you live in in recent years.
  • any changes you would like to make to your lifestyle.

8. What would make you change to a new type of work?

9. What would make you move within the same city or town? And to a different one or to a different country?

10. What changes in your personal habits should you undergo?

11. In your opinion, what is the reason why some people have difficulties in adjusting to being a parent? Is it harder on men or women?

12. Last Sunday clocks had to be turned backwards. Do clock changes affect you adversely of positively? In what ways does changing clock hours affect you?

13. Tell your partner about a time when you had to modify your views about something? What made you modify them?

14. Do you work in shifts? If so, do you like working in shifts? If not, would you like to? What about the night shift?

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