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1. How many Kenyan Asian arrived in the United Kingdom in the first two months of 1968?

2. What were these people escaping from?

3. What had the British Government promised them as Commonwealth citizens?

4. What did the TV images of their arrival provoke?

    5. What did the Commonwealth Immigration Bill that Jim Callaghan drafted propose?

    6. Stirring things further was a highly articulate, if unpredictable, ________________ outsider, Enoch Powell, the wayward wizard of Wolverhampton.

    7. On 20 April 1968 Enoch Powell delivered the single most ________________ speech in Britain’s modern history.

    8. What did Enoch Powell finish his speech with?

    9. What did Enoch Powell’s speech become known as?

    10. Who marched in Powell’s support three days later?

    11. What political side had these people originally been on?

    12. What did the Prime Minister think was happening?

    13. How many working days were lost to strike action in 1969?


    Articulate: able to express thoughts and feelings easily and clearly, or showing this quality. Que se expresa o que sabe expresarse muy bien.

    Coon: a black person.

    Inflow: the action of people or things arriving somewhere. Entrada, afluencia.

    Outsider: a person who is not liked or accepted as a member of a particular group, organization or society and who feels different from those people who are accepted as members. Segundón, competidor con pocas probabilidades de ganar.

    To stall: If an engine stalls, or if you stall it, it stops working suddenly and without you intending it to happen.  If you stall an event, you delay it or prevent it from happening for a period of time. Estancarse, lleagar a un punto muerto o a un impasse.

    To stir: If something stirs you, it makes you feel a strong emotion. If an emotion stirs within you, you begin to feel it. Remover, agitar, armar lío.

    Vicious: describes people or actions that show an intention or desire to hurt someone or something very badly. Despiadado, sanguinario, feroz.

    Wayward: (especially of a person’s behaviour) changeable, selfish and difficult to control. Díscolo, caprichoso.


    1. Over 12,000.

    2. the vicious persecution from the black African majority in the newly independent Kenya.

    3. They had promised they would always be legally entitled to come and live in Britain.

    4. Fear and resentment.

    5. To remove the right of entry the Kenyan Asian had been promised.

    6. Tory

    7. Infamous.

    8. An apocalyptic provocative vision taken from the classical poet Virgil: “As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding. Like the Roman, ‘I see the Tiber foaming with much blood’.”

    9. “The Rivers of Blood” speech.

    10. 1000 dockers.

    11. Labour.

    12. He thought that his own party was plotting behind his back.

    13. Nearly 7 million.


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