Posted by: crisdiaz24 | November 8, 2009




1. How can we gather information? What different ways do we have to get information? Where can we get information from?

2. How many times in a typical week do you access the World Wide Web? What kind of information do you want to access?

3. What are the different sections a library is divided into? How is the information stored?

4. Do you know of anyone who has ever tried to withhold information from you? Why? Do you agree with the following statement: “Information is power”?

5. In what ways can information be manipulated? Can you think of any instances of this?

6. Do we, Spaniards, enjoy total freedom of information?

7. What kind of information can you get just by watching somebody? What does their posture / gestures / clothes / movement of the eyes, etc tell you about them? Is this kind of information accurate? How often have you been proved wrong?


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