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To work out: to do a calculation to get an answer to a mathematical question.

To warrant: to make a particular activity necessary.

To devise: to invent a plan, system, object, etc., usually cleverly or imaginatively.

To dub: to give something or someone a particular name, especially describing what you think of them.

Tiny: extremely small.

To record: to keep information for the future, by writing it down or storing it on a computer.

Wireless: a radio.

To deserve: to have earned or to be given something because of the way you have behaved or the qualities you have.

Exertion: effort.

To balloon: to get bigger and rounder.

Waistline: an imaginary line going round the narrowest part of your waist.

Current: of the present time.

Issues: a subject or problem which people are thinking and talking about.

To stand out: to be very noticeable.

To tackle: to try to deal with something or someone.

Allowance: an amount of something that you are allowed.

Further: more, additional.

Pedometer: a device which measures how far someone has walked by counting the number of times the feet are raised and put down again.

To clip: to fasten something with a clip. A clip: a small usually metal or plastic object used for fastening things together or holding them in position.

To keep count: to record how many of something there is, or how many time something has happened.

To be tricked into: to be deceived.




Regular: usual or ordinary.

Subtle: not loud, bright, noticeable or obvious in any way.

To go out of one’s way: to try very hard to do something, especially for someone else.

Market research: the collection and examination of information about things that people buy or might buy and their feelings about things that they have bought.

To CONDUCT a survey

On behalf of: representing; instead of.

Settlement: an arrangement to end a disagreement involving a law having been broken, without taking it to a court of law, or an amount of money paid as part of such an arrangement.

Claimant: a person who asks for something which they believe belongs to them or which they have a right to.

To pop: to move quickly and suddenly, especially from an enclosed space.

Claim: a statement that something is true or is a fact, although other people might not believe it.






Unwittingly: without being aware of what you are doing or the situation that you are involved in. Sin ser consciente (de ello), sin darse cuenta.

Mockery: comments or actions that are intended to make sby/sthg seem ridiculous.

Endeavour: an attempt to do sthg, especially sthg new or difficult. Esfuerzo, empeño, intento.

Countless: very many; too many to be counted or mentioned.

Casual: not showing much care or thought; seeming not to be worried; not wanting to show that sthg is important to you.

To trample: to ignore sby’s feelings or rights and treat them as if they are not important.

Awesome: very impressive or very difficult and perhaps rather frightening.

To hurl: to throw sthg/sby violently in a particular direction.

To tear up: to destroy a document, etc. by tearing it into pieces.

Fir tree: an evergreen forest tree with leaves like needles, that grows in cool northern countries. Abeto.

Mill: a factory that produces a particular type of material.

To pulp: to crush or beat sthg so that it becomes soft and wet.

To weep-wept-wept: to cry.

To dismiss: to decide that sby/sthg is not important and not worth thinking or talking about.

To peruse: to read sthg, especially in a careful way. Perusal: noun. Examen.

Pointless: having no purpose; not worth doing.

Moorland: land that consists of moors. Moor: a high open area of land that is not used for farming, especially an area covered with rough grass and heather. Páramo.

To turn over to: to change the use or function of sthg.

Crop: a plant that is grown in large quantities, especially as food. the amount of grain, fruit, etc. that is grown in one season.

To wipe out: to destroy or remove sby/sthg completely.

To pray: to speak to God, especially to give thanks or ask for help.

Consumption: the act of using energy, food or materials; the amount used. Consumo.

Contemptuous: feeling or showing that you have no respect for sby/sthg.

Spindly: (informal, often disapproving) very long and thin and not strong. Largo y flaco;  larguirucho.

Leggy: (informal) (especially of girls and women) having long legs. De piernas largas, zanquilargo.



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