Posted by: crisdiaz24 | November 13, 2009


1. What is language?

2. Why are so many languages disappearing?

3. Approximately how many languages are now spoke in the world?

a. Between 5000 and 6000.

b. Between 2000 and 3000.

c. Around 1000 thousand.

d. Around 400.

4. Where is Spanish spoken? Can you mention any differences in the way Spanish is spoken in these different countries?

5. Do you think the majority of languages around the world will eventually die out?

6. Do you think that governments should have programmes to protect minority languages, or should we accept that they will die out?

7. Do you like the way Spanish is changing?

8. How many different national or regional accents of Spanish can you recognise?

9. What are some of the differences in the spelling, vocabulary or grammar of different varieties of Spanish?

10. Do you like to adopt new words and expressions?

11. What do you think the future of Spanish is?

12. What would be the advantages and disadvantages of having one universal language?

13. What’s the longest word you can think of in English?

14. Can you remember what the last new word you learnt in English was?

15. Can you remember what the last new word you learnt in your own language was?

16. Can you think of some English words that are used in Spanish?

17. Can you think of three English words that people wouldn’t have known 50 years ago?

18. What do you think the origin of these new words is?

19. How can you tell when you are talking to someone that this person is not a native speaker of your language?

20. Do you think that Spanish is difficult for foreigners to pronounce?

21. Are there any typical mistakes that foreigners make when speaking Spanish?

22. What typical mistakes do Spaniards make when speaking English?


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