Posted by: a2cristina | November 18, 2009




  1. How can you define the senses? Can you remember the names of the five senses?

2 What do you call…


  • The inability to see?
  • The inability to hear?
  • A person who cannot hear and speak?


3. What do we call the taste “receptors”? These receptors detect four different kinds of tastes. Which ones?


4. Some neurologists say that there is a sense of balance, a sense of heat, a sense of pain. Would you qualify any other thing as a sense? Which one(s)?


5. Would you be able to live without any of the senses you mentioned before? Which one(s)? What is the most important sense? How would your life be different if you could not use one of our five senses? Why is that sense important?



6. Sight: Do you think sight is the strongest sense when it comes to memory? If not, which is, in your opinion, the strongest sense? What visual information have you retained from your childhood and adolescence?


7. Smell: Do smells trigger memories? What smells evoke memories of your childhood?


8. Taste: Another strong sense when it comes to memory is taste. Family recipes, even if not used in years, will evoke memories of past home-cooking. What taste-related memories can you revive?


9. Hearing: Does any piece of music / Do any songs remind you of your childhood / teen years / etc…


10. Touch: May the sense of touch trigger any memories?


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