Posted by: a2cristina | November 18, 2009



1. What school subject(s) do you consider pointless to study? What English exercises seem absolutely pointless to do in class?

2. Are you allergic to anything? Do you know anyone who is allergic to dust mites /some kind of food? Do you know anyone who suffers from hay fever? If so, what are their symptoms?

3. Would you define any of your friends as approachable people? Why (not)? Chatty? Provocative? If so, in what ways? Imaginative? Knowledgeable? What are they knowledgeable about?

4. What is the most (un)believable lie you have ever told?

5. Did you use to have endless arguments with your parents about anything in particular when you were younger?

6. Have you ever got hopelessly lost? What happened?

7. Do you think the education standards are unsatisfactory nowadays? What standards should we try to raise: standards in literacy, mathematics standards, history standards, science standards, technology standards, behavioural standards, others?

8. Can you mention any shops where the shop assistants are unhelpful and discourteous?  Any consejerías (autonomous government departments) where the government employees are, too?

9. Do you know any incompetent people? If so, what makes you think they are incompetent?

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