Posted by: a2cristina | November 22, 2009



To sound out: to try to find out from sby what they think about sth, often in an indirect way.

Raw: in its natural state; not yet changed, used or made into sth else.

Tune: a series of musical notes that are sung or played in a particular order to form a piece of music.

To reappraise: to think again about the value or nature of sth to see if your opinion about it should be changed.

Afterthought: a thing that is thought of, said or added later, and is often not carefully planned.

Gushing: (disapproving) expressing so much enthusiasm, praise or emotion that it does not seem sincere.

To shave: to cut a small amount off a price, etc.

Daunting: intimidating.

Track: part of a tape or computer disk that music or information can be recorded on.

To release: to make sth available to the public.

Label: a company that produces and sells records, CDs, etc.

Throwaway comment: something you say quickly without careful thought, sometimes in order to be funny.

The final straw: the last in a series of bad events, etc. that makes it impossible for you to accept a situation any longer.

OUT OF the question: impossible or not allowed and therefore not worth discussing.

To reel off: to say or repeat sth quickly without having to stop or think about it.

To trap: [often passive] to keep sby in a dangerous place or bad situation that they want to get out of but cannot.

Along the lines: (informal) at some point during an activity or a process.

To bracket: to consider people or things to be similar or connected in some way.

Middle-of-the-road: not extreme; acceptable to most people. Moderate.

Compliant: (usually disapproving) too willing to agree with other people or to obey rules.

To wheel: to push or pull sth that has wheels.

Operating theatre: a room in a hospital used for medical operations.

To stamp: to print letters, words, a design, etc. onto sth using a special tool.

Moaning: to groan, to complain.

To plead: to beg.

Raucous: sounding loud and rough.

Stomp: (informal) to walk, dance, or move with heavy steps.

Setting: a set of surroundings; the place at which sthg happens.

Gravelly: (of a voice) deep and with a rough sound.

Slide: a part of a musical instrument or other device that slides backwards and forwards.

Bass drum: a large drum that makes a very low sound, used in orchestras.

Riff: a short repeated pattern of notes in popular music or jazz.

Unearthly: very strange; not natural and therefore frightening.

The blues: feelings of sadness.

Exchange: building.

To shudder: to shake because you are cold or frightened, or because of a strong feeling.

Upbeat: optimistic.

Catchy: (of music or the words of an advertisement) pleasing and easily remembered.


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