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To master: to learn or understand sthg completely.

Hurdle: obstacle.

To pick: to choose.

Piste: a track of firm snow prepared for skiing on.

Well-groomed: clean, neat.

Drop: a distance down from a high point to a lower point.

Ranks: the members of a particular group or organisation.

On the whole: considering everything; in general.

Fairly: to some extent but not very.

To groom: to prepare, to look after. To prepare (a trail) for skiers, as by packing down new snow or levelling moguls.

Cool: calm, confident.

To cater for: to provide the things that a particular person or situation needs or wants.

Cable car: a vehicle that hangs from and is pulled by a moving cable and that carries passengers up and down a mountain.

Resort: a place where a lot of people go on holiday / vacation.

To branch off: to be joined to another road or river but lead in a different direction.

Steep: rising or falling quickly, not gradually.

Nasty: very unpleasant.

To cruise: to travel at a steady speed.

Reaches: the parts of an area or a place that are a long way from the centre. Tramos.

To tuck away: to be located in a quiet place, where not many people go.

Downhill: towards the bottom of a hill; in a direction that goes down.

Postbus: A small bus, van or similar vehicle, used for delivering mail and carrying passengers, especially in rural areas.
To try out: to test or use sby/sthg in order to see how good or effective they are.

Tricky: difficult to do or deal with.

T-bar: a machine which pulls two people up a mountain on skis together.

To put sby off: to make sby lose interest in or enthusiasm for sthg/sby.

Off piste: away from the tracks of firm snow that have been prepared for skiing on.

Chairlift: a series of chairs hanging from a moving cable, for carrying people up and down a mountain.

Must: something that you must do, see, buy, etc.

The lot: (informal) the whole number or amount of people or things.

Cornice: a decorative border around the top of the walls in a room or on the outside walls of a building.

Lip: a hollow place in the ground. The edge of an opening or cavity, as of a canyon.

Powder: loose, dry snow which has fallen recently

To fight your way through: to try very hard to get your way or to achieve sthg.

In terms of: used to show what aspect of a subject you are talking about or how you are thinking about it.

Crevasse: a deep open crack, especially in ice, for example in a glacier. Grieta (en un glaciar)

To lurk: when sthg unpleasant or dangerous lurks, it is present but not in an obvious way.

To tower: to be much higher or taller than the people or things that are near.

Jagged: with rough, pointed, often sharp edges. Irregular, recortado, con picos.

Serac: A large pointed mass of ice in a glacier isolated by intersecting crevasses.

Speechless: not able to speak, especially because you are extremely angry or surprised.

To queue up: to queue.

Sheer: used to emphasise the size, degree or amount of sthg.

To screen: to protect.

Safety net: a net placed underneath acrobats, etc. to catch them if they fall.

Close-up: a photograph, or picture in a film / movie, taken very close to sby/sthg so that it shows a lot of detail.

Imposing: impressive to look at; making a strong impression.

Moguls: a raised area of hard snow that you jump over when you are skiing.

To stop sby in their tracks: to suddenly make sby stop by frightening or surprising them; to suddenly stop because sthg has frightened or surprised you.


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