Posted by: crisdiaz24 | November 22, 2009

The Internet


1. What recent invention do you think has had the greatest impact on society? Why?

2. In what ways has technology improved our lives? In what ways has it made life worse?

3. Imagine that you could only use of the following: a computer, a telephone, or a car. Which one would you use and why?

4. Which of the following do you own: a VCR, a DVD player, a microwave oven, a computer, a cell phone, and an electronic dictionary? Which one do you use most often?

5. Do computers save time or do they make us waste more time?

6. If you had the possibility to only work from your house via a computer, would you do it?

7. What would the world be like without the Internet?

8. How has the Internet changed the way you live? Do you remember the first time you used it?

9. Could you live without the Internet?

10. What do you use the Internet for? How often do you access the Internet? How much time do you spend online?

11. How has the Internet changed the world?

12. What is the best thing about the Internet? What annoys you about it?

13. What is your favourite Internet site? What sort of websites have you recently visited: shopping sites, educational, games, music, films, news, sports, dictionaries, encyclopedias, fashion, ESL (English as a Second Language) sites?

14. Do you have an e-mail account or more than one? What do you use it / them for? How often do you check it / them?

15. In which of the following places have you ever made use of the Internet?

  • In a cybercafé
  • In a library
  • At home
  • At a friend’s home
  • At school or work

16. When you access the Internet, which of the following do you usually do?

  • Use it for your own entertainment.
  • For school or work purposes.
  • To send or receive e-mails.
  • To chat.
  • To use Messenger.
  • To play games.
  • To download music or videos.
  • Other.

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