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Answer the following questions and find out where your time goes.

  1. How much control do you feel you have in managing your time?

a. A lot of control.       b. An adequate amount.
c. Little control.          d. No control.

2. How do you use the hours of a normal weekday? Write how many hours you spend on each activity, to give a total of 24. Do the same for the weekend.

      a. Sleeping

      b. Travelling

      c. Studying / Working

      d. Eating

      e. Time with family

      f. Time to yourself

      g. Socialising with friends

      h. Household chores.

      3. If you had more time outside work or school, how would you spend it? Tick as many as apply for you.

      a. Time to yourself.                                           b. Time with your family
      b. Doing sport or exercising.                        d. Social activities.

      4. How often do you find yourself feeling short of time, on average?

      a. Once a month.                                        b. Once a week.
      c.  Several times a week.                         d. Every day.

      5. In what ways do we waste time every day? Do we tend to waste time at any time of the day or at specific times?

      6. Would you say you usually organise things in an orderly way? Why? / Why not? Do you use forward planning as a technique? What are the results of this technique? Are you realistic when you map out what you hope to achieve in the time available?

      7. Are you better at organising people than being organised yourself?

      8. Do you know of any ways to help you use time more effectively, to organise yourself in a more useful manner? What kind of things might be able to help?

      9. What kind of things can often present major obstacles to our achieving the goals we have set ourselves or to meeting the deadlines that others have set for us?

      10. How do you respond to being snowed under? What takes the first place: health or work?

      11. What setback will you experience if your goal is to achieve perfection?

      12. What will happen if you are pressed for time and you cannot achieve what you were set to achieve?

      13. Is being unable to say “No” an important factor to the problem of wasting time? Can you find any examples?

                      14.  Do you set aside enough time to pursue your own interests?

                      15. Have you ever taken time off work? Have you ever phoned in sick when in fact you were not?

                      16. Men are said to be able to do just one thing at a time, whereas women can do several unrelated things at the same time. For example, a woman can talk on the phone, at the same time as cooking a new recipe and watching television. Do you agree? Are women better organised than men? Are men’s brains more specialised?

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