Posted by: crisdiaz24 | December 11, 2009



  1. What is personality?
  2. What adjectives to describe people’s personality can you think of?
  3. Does our personality change throughout our lives? Do you think there may be key aspects of our personality which were already in us when we were very young?
  4. Does the personality we are born with determine our lives, or do the things that happen to us shape our personality as we grow older?
  5. Is there also a relationship between our personality traits and how successful we are in education or at work?
  6. Are doing well at school and getting ahead in our career linked to our socio-economic status when we are growing up or to our personality?
  7. How do other people annoy you most? What irritates you most about other people?
  8. Do you have more good qualities than bad ones?
  9. What five traits characterise you? What are your main qualities? What are your main defects?
  10. How do your friends “see” you?
  11. Are you easy or uneasy opening up to other people? Do you try to avoid other people getting personally too close to you or not?
  12. Are you easily upset by things?
  13. Do you commit yourself fully to things you take on?
  14. Do you feel confident in your ability to size up and deal with any situation?

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