Posted by: crisdiaz24 | December 15, 2009


Straightforward Advanced Unit Test 7

Answer key



1 sentenced

2 charged

3 denied

4 entered

5 acquitted

6 returned

7 imposed

8 appeal

9 dropped

10 fined


11 evasion

12 allegation

13 suspicion

14 convicted

15 guilty

16 appealing


17 parties

18 manners

19 language

20 behaviour

21 queues



22 But unfortunately, many people’s manners leave a lot to be desired.

23 B: There are 32 children. or There are 32 children

24 … and decided we would join the queue.

25 B: Yes, we do need to.

26 … but nobody is sure why the crime rate increased.

27 I’ll be arriving at six.

28 … are less likely to enjoy noisy parties as they get older.


29 He pleaded guilty to the charges, surprising everyone.

30 Having thought about it for some time, he decided to appeal against the sentence.

31 Not having any money, he robbed the old lady.

32 He spoke to his lawyer telling him he was innocent.

33 He was attached (while) walking down the street.

34 Being found guilty he’d be sentenced to prison.

35 He sat there for ages waiting to be questioned.

(2 points for each sentence)

Speech feature


36 Would you like some / Do you want some

37 I

38 Do you

39 I’m

40 Is

41 I

42 It

43 Is


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