Posted by: a2cristina | December 16, 2009


  1. Do you think people still marry in church and brides in white because It’s always been done this way?
  2. Are there any laws in Spain about marriage? Where do people have to marry? Do you have to get married in an authorised place, are you allowed to marry anywhere you want?
  3. To get married in Spain, do you have to have a religious ceremony and a civic ceremony?
  4. What do you call the party the groom’s friends throw for him before the night before the wedding?
  5. And the bride’s?
  6. What kind of presents do the guests to the wedding offer the newly-wed couple?
  7. Does anybody in particular pay for the wedding reception?
  8. Is getting married costly or extravagant?
  9. What are the Spanish traditions in relation with the dowry?

10. What superstitions related to weddings in Spain can you think of

11.  What do you think of pre-nuptial agreements?

12. What are the differences between Spanish and English weddings? Are any special people who take part in one and not in the other?

13. What is the right age to get married?

14. Decide what are the most important qualities for a partner to have?

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