Posted by: crisdiaz24 | January 24, 2010



  1. Have you ever met a highly-gifted person? What are the pros and cons of being highly-gifted?

2. Do you think highly-gifted children should go to special schools?

3. Can you think of any celebrity who was a child prodigy?

4. Which of your acquaintances has a flair for languages? Do you think you do?

5. Are you skilful at sewing? Cooking? Painting? Playing a musical instrument? Writing? Craftwork?

6. What subjects were you weak at when you were at school?

7. Which ones were you hopeless at?

8. What are you hopeless at in your daily life?

9. Do you have a good or a poor memory? What are the most difficult things for you to remember?

10. Do you know..

  • any musically gifted person?
  • Any highly talented person?
  • An extremely promising person?

11Define what, in your opinion, talent is.


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