Posted by: crisdiaz24 | January 29, 2010



1. Would you mind sponsoring a child in the third world? Do you know anyone who already has? What does sponsoring a child imply?

2. What should you bear in mind when choosing a school for your children to go to?

3. Do you know anyone who has a bright future in politics / sports / the Arts / Sciences?

4. Do you know any slow learners? What does it mean to be a slow learner?  What can a teacher do to meet a slow learner’s needs?

5. Can you mention a terribly slow film / book / play?

6. Have you ever been waiting at the head of a queue for a long time? What were you waiting for? What did you want to buy / get?

7. Can you give any examples of people who take risks while they are driving, with no thought for the safety of other people, either passengers, other motorists, pedestrians?


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