Posted by: a2cristina | March 3, 2010


On June 1, the New York Academy of Medicine presented Oliver Sacks, Doctor of Medicine, Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center, as a special speaker in a Humanities in Medicine series. Here is part of one of his lectures.

You will watch the video twice. As you do, answer the following questions. The first one has been done as an example.

0. Where has Oliver Sacks spent his afternoon?

In the rare book section of the NYAM  library.

1. What do nineteenth century case histories mean to him?

2. Why does he not like textbooks?

3. In what ways are the nineteenth century descriptions similar to novels?

4. Where did he use to accompany his father when he was twelve?

5. What does Martin Buber say about technology?

6. What can definitely be compromised by technology?

7. What fascinates Oliver Sacks?

8. Who have been his teachers?

9. How can the art of medicine be acquired?

10. What is medicine threatened by?

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